Does the CODA Modem Retail Box Include a Coax Cable? | FAQ

Does the CODA modem retail box include a coax cable?

Yes. Hitron CODA cable modem comes with a 6-foot coax cable – everything you need to get online fast.
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      No, the CODA Cable Modem is solely a modem and does not include a built-in wireless router. If you require wireless connectivity, you will need to purchase a separate wireless router. Once you have the router, you can connect it to the CODA Cable ...
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      If you are replacing an existing cable modem, make sure that you have activated and registered your new cable modem with your Internet Service Provider. To activate your cable modem, contact your cable Internet provider or visit their website and ...
    • CODA What’s in the Box

      Everything you need to get online fast comes in the box: (1) Hitron CODA DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem (1) Ethernet Cable (1) Coaxial Cable (1) Power Adapter (1) Quick Start Guide
    • What is the process for a modem to be retail certified?

      The process for a modem to be retail certified involves two key steps. First, the modem must undergo Cable Labs Retail Certification, a comprehensive testing process conducted by CableLabs, ensuring compliance with industry standards. Secondly, once ...
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      After passing Cable Labs Retail Certification, the modem manufacturer must submit the device to each carrier, such as Comcast, for additional testing. This involves evaluating the modem's performance on the specific network and ensuring compliance ...