How Many Scans Can Be Performed on One Battery? | DSS-01 FAQ

How many scans can be performed on one battery?

The DSS-01 performs approximately 100 scans on a single AAA battery.
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    • Is the DSS-01 a one-person test?

      Yes. The DSS-01 is small and compact to fit easily into your hand for one-person testing in very tight areas, without any problems.
    • I’m having problems installing the battery in the DSS-01

      Removing the cover for the battery may be stiff and you may need to push with your thumb on the one end to slide it open with a small degree of force. The cover slides to the side and then slightly forward to unhinge two tiny hinges that help to hold ...
    • What type of battery does the DSS-01 take/require?

      A standard AAA, 1.5 volt battery
    • How do you use the DSS-01?

      The DSS-01 connects to a coax cable or coax outlet by pushing on the F-connector and pressing one button to test the connection for valid signals from your Cable Broadband provider.