Is There Voltage Protection Built Into the DSS-01? | FAQ

Is there voltage protection built in to the DSS-01?

Yes, there is built-in voltage protection in the DSS-01 up to 4K volts.
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    • Will the DSS-01 be able to detect through a splitter?

      Yes. The DSS-01 tests and detects a specific range of signals and does not test for voltage.
    • Can the DSS-01 detect Satellite signals?

      No. The DSS-01 does not detect Satellite signals.
    • How big is the DSS-01?

      The DSS-01 is compact and pocket-sized. It’s approximately 2.5 inches in length and 1 inch in width.
    • What signals can the DSS-01 detect?

      The DSS-01 detects valid signals from your Cable Broadband provider that occur between frequency ranges of 88MHz to 1GHz. It is not designed to detect MoCA or satellite signals.