Will the DSS-01 Help Me Self-Install Cable Internet? | FAQ

Will the DSS-01 help me to self-install Cable Internet?

Yes, most definitely. The DSS-01 is specifically designed to detect the valid signals from your Cable Internet provider, thereby enabling you to detect operational coax outlets and wiring in your home that are ready to receive a cable modem.
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    • DSS-01 Installation Guide/How to Run a Test

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    • DSS-01 Minimum System Requirements

      High-speed Cable Broadband Internet Service Coaxial Cable TV wiring or coax outlets
    • Will the DSS-01 be able to detect through a splitter?

      Yes. The DSS-01 tests and detects a specific range of signals and does not test for voltage.
    • How do you use the DSS-01?

      The DSS-01 connects to a coax cable or coax outlet by pushing on the F-connector and pressing one button to test the connection for valid signals from your Cable Broadband provider.