Can I Log Into the CODA Modem to See Its Settings? | FAQ

Can I log into the CODA modem to see its settings?

Yes. You can access the CODA Modem GUI to see the following:
  1. System Information
  3. LAN Port Status
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    • Does this CODA modem have any settings that can be configured?

      No. Hitron’s CODA is a cable modem, not a router.
    • How do I restart my CODA cable modem?

      Restarting or rebooting your CODA cable modem resets your cable modem to your existing settings. To restart or reboot your CODA cable modem: Insert the end of a paper clip or other small object with a narrow tip into the Reset opening on the back of ...
    • WiFi Doesn't Work, But CODA Modem Does

      Issue: Your Hitron CODA modem is functioning correctly, but your WiFi connection is not working. This issue may be caused by your WiFi router not receiving a new LAN IP address from the new CODA modem. Solution: The most effective way to resolve this ...
    • I have No Internet Connection with my CODA Modem

      If you are replacing an existing cable modem, make sure that you have activated and registered your new cable modem with your Internet Service Provider. To activate your cable modem, contact your cable Internet provider or visit their website and ...
    • Can I change the User Name and Password to Access the Hitron CODA Modem?

      Issue: You want to change the user name and password to access your Hitron CODA modem. Solution: Unfortunately, you cannot change the user name and password for the Hitron CODA modem. They are statically set to "admin" and "admin". Explanation: While ...